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Support Worker

Hi, I'm Louisa and I am currently employed as a Support Worker after I completed the Step into Care programme.

What were you doing before you enrolled onto the Step in Care programme?

Before starting with the Step into Care employment programme, I was working as a supply teacher. However, gaining few work opportunities.

Did you find your placement beneficial to you?

The fast paced placement was key for enabling me to be successfully recruited into my current role. The placement allowed me to gain more knowledge as well as the opportunity to assess if I would be a good fit for the role.

Can you give a brief overview of the role you successfully gained through the Step into Care programme?

I am a Support Worker, but I do not work in a traditional care home, I work in supported living services, using the training I completed with the programme on a day to day basis to assist me in my role. I enjoy listening and interacting with residents as they all have a story to tell. My responsibilities include preparing food, welfare checks, administering medication and completing social visits, supporting people to live independently.

How do you feel the Step into Care programme supported you?

The programme supported me by offering employability skills as part of the course, which allowed for me to practice my interview skills preparing me ready for being offered a job. I also gained a number of skills during my work experience placement.

Please finish the following sentence, I'm pleased to work in social care because...

It is an amazing sector to work in, I get to help people every day and feel like I am making a difference to their lives.

Where can I go from here?

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