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Support Worker

Hi, I'm Kate and I am now a Support Worker after I completed the Step into Care programme.

What were you doing before you enrolled onto the Step in Care programme?

I was unemployed and looking for new opportunities.

Did you find your placement beneficial to you?

I found the placement extremely beneficail as I have now gained employment through the work placement that was provided.

Can you give a brief overview of the role you successfully gained through the Step into Care programme?

Within my role as a Support Worker, I provide physical and emotional support, to a high standard of care, supporting residents in supported living services.

How do you feel the Step into Care programme supported you?

It has opened my eyes to the range jobs available in the social care sector, as well as providing me with new information and an amazing job opportunity

Please finish the following sentence, I'm pleased to work in social care because...

It makes me happy knowing I am a positive influence in someone’s life.

Where can I go from here?

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