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Associate Director of Corporate Governance and Public Engagement

Ester is the Associate Director of Corporate Governance and Public Engagement/Trust Secretary at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust and reports directly to the Chair and Chief Executive of the Trust, working closely with them to ensure that the business of the Trust runs smoothly

What’s the story of their career to date?

Esther began her career in Health & Social Care qualifying as a Registered Mental Health Nurse, working as a staff nurse on an acute psychiatric ward for a year before going back to college to train as an Orthotist. After four years further training Esther qualified as an Orthotist and continued working in orthotics for the next 15 years. Esther moved up through the ranks from orthotist to senior orthotist and then principle orthotist before gaining promotion to Clinical Services Manager and then to General Manager.
Whilst working as a Clinical Services Manager Esther undertook a degree in Business and Health and a Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Audit. In 2008 she felt ready for a change and applied for the job of Trust Secretary, successfully gaining this post due to the skills she had gained during her career to date. Esther has since undertaken a Post Graduate Course in Healthcare Governance and has a great network of colleagues that have supported her in her current role

What do they do?

Esther’s role has lots of variety, being a member of the Executive Team means Esther has a role to play within the leadership of the Trust, as well as being very much involved in public engagement. Her role may involve attending meetings with the Chairman to run through the papers for the next Board meeting. Esther also visits one or two of her buddy wards each week – usually just for a quick hello to make sure things are okay and to pick up any worries or issues. There are also other tasks that Esther can be involved in tasks such judging university students artwork for a new memorial garden, also attending fundraising meetings as well as meeting with ward managers to support them with risk registers

What’s the best thing about their role?

Esther feels that the best part of her role is being part of such a great team within Health & Social Care

Where are they going from here?

Esther is very happy in her current role and has attended many short courses and conferences in order to develop in her current role, although she always seeks to challenge herself and learn more!

Where can I go from here?

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