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Dementia Nurse Specialist

Chris is a Dementia Nurse Specialist working with patients in both the Royal Bolton Hospital and the Bolton Community as part of Bolton NHS Foundation Trust

What’s the story of their career to date?

After completing his nurse training, Chris knew he eventually wanted to become a nurse specialist, taking up his first post in a small cottage hospital as part of the Neuro-rehabilitation team. Chris quickly developed a passion for his new found role going on to work in a number of hospitals including a hyper-acute Neurology unit, before progressing to a Discharge Coordinator, dealing with Older Adults with complex social and medical needs, also working as a Case Manager on a Neuro-rehab ward before finally making the move to Bolton FT. It was the combination of working with people who lacked capacity and also who required a great deal of support at home and in the hospital that led Chris to became a Dementia Nurse Specialist

What do they do?

Chris works in the Adult Safeguarding Team and his job is incredibly varied, as part of his role Chris assesses and reviews patients, supporting relatives and carers and working with colleagues across the organisation to drive change in favour of people with Dementia as part of the Trust’s Dementia Steering Group. As part of the Safeguarding Team, Chris also has the important role of processing referrals in suspected abuse cases alongside the Safeguarding Adults Lead as well as training staff and also supporting nursing colleagues to deliver improved Dementia Care on the wards.

What's the best thing about their role?

Chris feels that the best part of his role is that the job is completely different every day, it’s very rewarding and he has met so many fascinating people. Dementia has no preference and Chris finds that helping to bring out the person in his patients again is the most gratifying, being able to improve a person’s quality of life, just by providing a listening ear or the right advice at the time where it is most needed for relatives gives excellent job satisfaction.

Where are they going from here?

Chris is still developing his role, which will allow for progression owing to the amount of academic support Chris delivers and receives, as well as his work at all levels of his organisation.

Where can I go from here?

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