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Care Home Kitchen Assistant

Hi, I'm Amy and I am a Kitchen Assistant within a Care Home, a role that I was recruited for after I had completed the Step into Care programme.

What were you doing before you enrolled onto the Step in Care programme?

Due to the pandemic I was looking for a new work opportunity.

Did you find your placement beneficial to you?

The 24 hour voluntary placement was beneficial for me as it allowed for me to regain my confidence, learn something new and experience working in a totally new environment.

Can you give a brief overview of the role you successfully gained through the Step into Care programme?

I was originally employed as a hostess – where I served food and beverages to the residents. I had to learn about their individual preferences, likes, dislikes and their personalities; so that I could make their dining experiences as enjoyable as possible. In February 2021, I was employed in my latest role on a full time contract as a Kitchen Assistant – in this role I now work in the kitchen and prepare the residents favourite meals and snacks and we try to cater to their cravings! I have learnt so many new skills in this job.

How do you feel the Step into Care programme supported you?

I feel it supported me in that I joined the programme just as I had lost everything job wise and it helped me regain confidence and gave me the opportunity to try something new. I had a lot of support from many different people and never felt any question I had was irrelevant or minor.

Please finish the following sentence, I'm pleased to work in social care because...

I feel I am giving back to people who shaped the world and communities we live in. I am grateful for the laughter and life lessons I learn daily from the residents at work.

Where can I go from here?

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