Health and Social Care apprenticeships are a great opportunity for learners to work and gain qualifications at college or university, while also being paid. Apprentices work as part of a team in a brilliant organisation and will develop a variety of skills. Their team will be there to support them as they learn and grow.

Apprenticeships provide a clear route into Health and Social Care careers and are an excellent opportunity to earn, gain experience and work towards nationally recognised qualifications at the same time.

What are the benefits?

Get paid

Get Paid

While studying for a qualification learners will be earning a wage - rates vary between organisations.

Gain qualifications

Gain Qualifications

By the end of their apprenticeship, learners will have an accredited qualification such as a BTEC.

Chance of permanent position

Chance of Permanent Position

Some employers will guarantee a paid position when learners complete their apprenticeship, others may offer interviews for positions. They’ll also make connections in the organisation and employers may contact them for future openings.

Attractive to employers

Attractive to Employers

A candidate who has already worked in a department or organisation and has experienced practical elements of a role can be more attractive to recruitment managers than someone with no experience.

How to apply

Health and Social Care apprenticeships are listed on the GMACS website. Learners can discover different roles, get application hints and tips, and apply for vacancies.


Applying for a role in the Health and Social care sector can be quite different to other employers’ application processes, so it can be useful for learners to know how our system works. If they are new to NHS Jobs then this guide will explain exactly how the site works.

Find out more

Some Health and Social Care organisations may list their vacancies through training providers or other organisations working in primary care, such as GP surgeries. Learners can find out more about the primary care sector in this section of the hub.

Apprenticeships Nearby

The number of Health and Social Care apprenticeships in Greater Manchester is growing by the day. There are descriptions of each role on the GMACS website as well as FAQs and real apprentices’ stories.

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