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School events calendar - September to December 2021

September to December 2021 School Events Calendar We are pleased to announce a series of events aimed at school and college learners. More information on the events and the sign-up details are available below.

Complete the sign up from below to attend one of our online events. Once you have completed the form we will be in touch to confirm your place. Please be aware that there are limited places on these events. Complete one form per group of students (each group can attend multiple events). For our online sessions it is essential that a teacher is present on the call during the session. If your plans change please let us know ASAP.

NHS Insight Sessions

These are generic sessions about working within the NHS and may feature ambassadors from different professions within the NHS. They are split into post and pre-16 sessions. Students can attend either however the post-16 session will focus on options after Level 3 study whereas pre-16 will focus on Level 3 options after school.

All sessions will take place on a Wednesday at 13:00-13:45

  • Post-16 learners: 29/09/2021, 03/11/2021, 01/12/2021
  • Pre-16 learners: 15/09/2021, 13/10/2021, 17/11/2021, 15/12/2021

Careers in… Sessions

These workshops will feature a range NHS Careers Ambassadors from a specific area within the NHS. They are open to both Pre and Post 16 learners and will feature first hand stories from people working within these professions.

On each day there is a morning and afternoon session at the following times: 9:30-11:45 & 12:30-14:45

  • Careers in Allied Health– 30/09/2021
  • Careers in Nursing– 05/10/2021
  • Careers in Dental– 21/10/2021
  • Careers in Social Care– 25/11/2021

… and the NHS Sessions

These sessions will focus on specific subject areas students might be interested in at school. The session will be attended by Ambassadors who have studied these area's at college or university. These will highlight the versatile nature of these courses and where studying these subjects could take you.

On each day there is a morning and afternoon session at 9:30-11:45 & 12:30-14:45

  • STEM and the NHS: 16/12/2021
  • Arts, Humanities and the NHS: 10/112021

To attend these events complete this Sign Up Form!

Our On Demand Offer

The hub aims to support where possible events hosted by organisations. These events will either be attended by a Careers Hub Ambassador (NHS Staff) or by Hub staff. We can provide support with the following- Careers fairs, Insight talks, Parent Talks and Community Events. Due to many of our staff working in clinical environments we cannot yet confirm if we will be able to attend in person events in September. To request and event please email the Hub or complete this form.

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