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Become a Registered Nurse in Social Care Guide

A comprehensive and unique education and career guide designed to inspire anyone who is interested about becoming a registered nurse in social care.

A Question of Care

Unsure if care work is the right fit for you? This quiz will help you to make up your mind.

National School of Healthcare Science

For careers in healthcare science, delve into this website for relevant events and training information, as well as the different roles.

NHS Jobs Notifications guide 2020

Be the first to know about new Health and Social Care vacancies by setting up notifications. This easy 5-step guide tells you how to get ahead of other applicants by knowing the second jobs appear.

Supporting Information Guide 2020

The ‘supporting information’ part of your application lets you demonstrate why you’re right for the job you want. This is often an employer’s main focus, so let us help you to make it the best it can be with this handy guide.

NHS Jobs Web Guide

Find out how to get the most out of the NHS Jobs site with this useful guide. If there’s a job in Health and Social Care you want, it’ll be on there.

The Wow Show Health Careers Special

There’s much more to a career in health than being a doctor or nurse. Find out about the exciting and fulfilling roles of 150,000 Allied Health Professionals that make up a third of the NHS workforce.

The Wow Show Health Careers Video Library

The WOW Show is an award-winning live online channel made to inspire young people about their futures. Their shows shine a spotlight on different healthcare sectors and the opportunities they offer people.

Health Education England Video Library

Find out how Health Education England (HEE) delivers excellent healthcare to patients and how they train their workforce.

Allied Health Professionals - A Universe of Opportunities for your AHP Career

This video aims to inspire, motivate and unleash an often untapped talent amongst Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) across the country. Find out what roles are in this diverse sector.

BBC Bitesize - Careers in Healthcare

Meet individuals who have found their dream career in Health and Social Care and see first hand what they do day-to-day.

Empathy: the Human Connection to Patient Care

Are you an empathetic person? Find out what that really means with this video, where you'll see that patient care is more than just healing - it's building a connection that encompasses the mind, body and soul.

Health Careers Video Library

The Health Careers channel offers careers information on a range of career opportunities in the health sector. As well as offering careers information to anyone interested in working for in health, it offers materials and resources that support employers, schools, colleges and careers advisors.

NHS England and NHS Improvement Video Library

Whatever your skills, qualifications or interests, there is a career for you in the NHS and there’s never been a better time to join. Find out why here.

From the Cradle to the Grave – Explore roles in the NHS

A beautiful insight into the world of Health and Social Care and why it's one of the most worthwhile sectors you can work in.

Straight A Nursing

Are you a nursing student looking for words of advice or encouragement? Maybe you're an RN who enjoys the constant learning that comes with the job. However you're involved in nursing, there's a podcast for you.

Careers and Mental Health Conversations

At the Career Development Centre, they discuss everything of importance regarding career choices and progress through to mental health at work, creating mentally well workplaces and much more. They have key expert guests and every Friday discuss everything that's caught their eye that week.

A Cup of Health

A weekly podcast series from the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, MMWR.

Therapy Insiders

These podcasts shed light on various therapeutic topics ranging from joint manipulations, functional training, business ownership while being a clinician, sports rehab and much more. We cover Physical Therapy (PT), Manual therapy, rehab, sports medicine, business practice, and many more topics.

Docs Outside the Box

This podcast looks into the minds of cutting-edge and innovative doctors. An abundance of real, live insight from men and women pushing the envelope beyond medicine.

CVS Healthcare Careers – Pharmacy Podcast

Gain a rare insight into this pharmaceutical giant with the CVS Careers podcast. Worthwhile for anyone considering a pharmacy career.

Public Health Insight

Public health is a population-based field of science focused on preventing disease and promoting health. Podcast listeners will be empowered with knowledge about a variety of different public health issues affecting global communities.

Creative Careers in Medicine

Listen as Andrew Bracey, health writer & journalist, interviews doctors about the amazing things they are doing both in their medical careers and alongside them, and how seeking out their own path has enriched their personal and professional life.

Ethics Talk

Listen to the AMA Journal of Ethics' podcast series as they grapple important topics, such as the impact of structural racism on healthcare and the prevalent health ethics violations taking place in America's ICE detention centres.

Step into the NHS Fortune Teller

Predict your future health career with our fortune teller!

Alison Agboola - Directorate Manager of Adult Theatres and Sterile Services

I’m Alison, Directorate Manager of Adult Theatres and Sterile Services, which means I am in charge of a large department of operating theatres within the Manchester Royal Infirmary and Sterile Services.

Chris Davidson - Dementia Nurse Specialist

Chris is a Dementia Nurse Specialist working with patients in both the Royal Bolton Hospital and the Bolton Community as part of Bolton NHS Foundation Trust.

Chris Naylor - Administration Assistant

Chris is an Administration Assistant and works as part of a team within the Programme Management Office, based at the Trust Headquarters at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust.

Ester Steel - Associate Director of Corporate Governance and Public Engagement

Esther is the Associate Director of Corporate Governance and Public Engagement/Trust Secretary at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust and reports directly to the Chair and Chief Executive of the Trust, working closely with them to ensure that the business of the Trust runs smoothly.

Joanne Cowie - District Nurse Team Leader

Joanne is a District Nurse Team Leader at Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.

Katie Cortvriend - Care Assistant

Katie is a care assistant in a dementia unit, a role she earned through the Step into Care recruitment programme.

Molly Johnson - Office Administrator

Molly is an office administrator working within the team of the Management Secretariat and is based at the Trust Headquarters at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust.

Michelle Barber - Secretary and Accommodation Officer

Michelle is a Secretary and Accommodation Officer based at the Facilities Management Office for Bolton NHS Foundation Trust.

Emily Heyes - Care Assistant

Emily is a care support worker for adults with learning difficulties, a role she gained through the Step into Care recruitment programme with WEA.

Health Careers

Explore the vast range of healthcare careers available and read first hand accounts of what it means to work in the sector.

GMCA Apprenticeships

Find a range of high-quality Greater Manchester apprenticeship opportunities on GMCA.

GM Higher

Find the higher education healthcare course for you with GM Higher. They’ve researched all the factors and finances so you don’t have to; everything you need is in one place.

The Growth Company

The Growth Company provides high-quality education and skills to help you achieve your future goals.

National School of Healthcare Science

Get support for your education, training and development in healthcare science with the National School of Healthcare Science.

Working for the NHS

Explore the thousands of different roles that make up the NHS and find the perfect fit for you.

Not Going to Uni

University isn’t for everyone, and there are many more paths to choose from. Find out what else you could be doing here.

Radiography Careers

Could you be a radiographer? Learn what skills and values you need to do the job, as well as where a job in radiography can take you, here.

Allied Health Professionals

Consider a career with one of the UK’s leading care providers. Find a range of vacancies to suit you on their website.

Clinical Academic Careers

From doctors and dentists to midwives and healthcare scientists, find out how HEE can support you on your journey to an academic healthcare career.

British Dental Association

Dreaming of becoming a dentist? This site has everything you need on becoming a dentist and advice on how to get there.

Royal College of Anaesthetists

Find out what it means to become an anaesthetist with the Royal College, including a wealth of information on training, safeguarding and careers.

Royal College of Emergency Medicine

The Royal College of Emergency Medicine can advance your education and show you how to maintain a high quality of care for patients - find out more on their website.

Royal College of General Practitioners

All the information you need on becoming a GP is here, including the diverse opportunities and the support they offer.

Internal Medicine Training CT1 Level Programmes

This website contains detailed information on internal medicine training (IMT), including UK training programmes you can sign up for and how to make a standout application.

Royal College of Physicians

Join the Royal College of Physicians to be supported and represented throughout your medical career, from student to professional.

The College of Podiatry

Are you interested in science, biology, chemistry or medicine? On their website you can find a variety of roles to suit you and all the information on training you need.

Health and Care Professions Council

The Health and Care Professions Council keeps a register of professionals who meet the standard for their profession, and lists the fifteen professions that come under the council.

Step into Care Programme Overview

Considering a career in adult social care? Step into Care could be your route into one of the most worthwhile roles. Find out exactly what the job could entail and exactly how to apply for the programme here.

Step into Care flyer

Are you interested in working in social care? Find out how you can begin your career here!

Health Careers Quiz

This is an interactive tool that narrows down careers for you to consider based on a series of questions.

Step into the NHS Quiz

Take this multiple choice quiz to find out which of the many NHS careers is the perfect one for you.

Buzz Careers Quiz

Take the Buzz quiz to find out what job is right for you and what your strengths are.

Careers Cloud Quiz

Get your own personalised career cloud by answering just a few questions on this free and easy quiz.

Careers Pilot Quiz

There are a few quizzes to take on this site about what jobs might suit you, where your strengths lie and what useful skills you have!

Career Planning Quiz

Learn more about yourself and the jobs you'll suit with the About Me quiz. Work through the questions to build the picture of your future.

Career Fitter Quiz

Discover your personal strengths and the best career for you with Career Fitter's free career report.

Wheel of Strengths

Find out which of your skills are the most useful when applying for work experience, courses, or jobs.

Careers Wales Job Matching Quiz

Take the quiz and find a detailed report of which jobs are right for you and why.