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Joining your local Foundation Trust

Many Health and Social Care organisations have become Trusts since the model was developed in 2004.

Foundation Trust memberships are made up of both staff and members of the public who want to have a say in the way the Trust is run. A group of governors are elected by their membership to make up the council.

Becoming a member of a local Foundation Trust is a great way to start getting involved with the Health and Social Care sector and learning about how it works.

What are the benefits?

Good for your CV

Good for your CV

By joining a Foundation Trust, you’ll be demonstrating your long-term commitment to our organisation and to your local community, which will be a great addition to your CV.

Learn how the Trust is run

Learn how the Trust is run

Not only will you get newsletters and notifications of key events and developments, as a Foundation Trust member you’ll regularly be invited to take part in meetings, seminars and focus groups.

Have your say

Have your say

You’ll regularly be asked for your opinions on how the Trust operates and you’ll have the opportunity to give input into how things should change and develop.

What does it involve?

Training and Awareness Days

Many Trusts will invite their members to training sessions and informative presentations to learn about important public health issues or how the organisation works.

FT Youth Forums

Some Trusts have meetings or forums specifically aimed at engaging with younger members. Taking part can mean discussing how services can best support younger people or even becoming a Youth Governor.

Voting in Council of Governor Elections

The Council of Governors are elected by the wider membership. As a member you’ll be able to decide who you would like to represent you, and you might even consider volunteering to be a governor yourself.

Annual Members Meeting

The annual members meeting is a large gathering of members and key staff where they discuss developments at the Trust and any major initiatives over the past 12 months.

Surveys and Engagement

Trusts will often engage with their members on important developments and initiatives. This could be through surveys, focus groups or engagement sessions - come and have your say.

Becoming a member

Becoming a member

Start having a say

Becoming a member is simple! Complete an application form either online, by post or over the phone. Some Trusts may have catchment areas but it’s usually not the case.

Applying for membership

Applying for membership

Find your local Trust

There are a number of Foundation Trusts in Greater Manchester where you can get involved as a member. Click on the button below to find contact details for your local Trust and sign up for free!

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