Kim - Assistant Psychologist

Who’s this?

Kim is an Assistant Psychologist working with complex cases of children/adolescents and their families suffering from behavioural, emotional and/or psychological distress and works within the Mental Health Services team at Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust

What’s the story of their career to date?

Upon leaving school Kim achieved A-Levels in Psychology, English, Biology and Geography before successfully gaining a degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology. Upon completing her Master’s degree, Kim began work in a primary school as pastoral support which enabled her to gain lots of experience, before successfully progressing on to her current role of Assistant Psychologist. Kim’s ambition is to eventually become a Clinical Psychologist; this requires lots of experience to enable her to be accepted on the Clinical Psychologist Doctorate in the future

What do they do?

Kim works closely with the team of clinical psychologists and as part of her role she carries out cognitive assessments to identify learning disabilities. Kim also carries out school observations as part of an autism assessment on a child/adolescent and creates visual support packs for family’s to take away and support them at home. Kim has a small caseload of clients between the ages of 5 – 16 years old and is supported with this on a weekly basis during clinical supervision meetings with a Consultant Clinical Psychologist.

What’s the best thing about their role?

Kim feels that the NHS has supported her massively in her career progression, enabling her to complete training in lots of areas such as autism awareness and ADHD awareness and feels the best thing about her role is being able to spend time with children suffering from disabilities and mental health problems and seeing the difference she can make to their lives

Where are they going from here?

Kim wants to eventually be accepted on the Clinical Psychology Doctorate and is currently working towards this by actively seeking volunteer work, working constantly to improve her current experience in order to support her application

Where can I find out more?

This profile has been created by the Greater Manchester NHS Careers Engagement Hub in partnership with Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust. If you have questions then feel free to contact us.

You can find out more about this role by visiting the Assistant Psychologist section of the Health Careers website. The site gives information about the role and responsibilities, pay and conditions as well as any qualifications that are required and what the relevant courses or entry requirements are.