Sara - Practice Development Lead

Who’s this?

Sara is a Queens Nurse and Practice Development Lead for Adult Community Nursing, supporting staff development through innovation, teaching and education, working within a team at Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust

What’s the story of their career to date?

Upon qualifying as a registered Adult Nurse, Sara held a number of positions in a hospital setting within acute emergency Medicine and Cardiology before progressing into the community as a community staff nurse. Whilst in this role Sara was sponsored to undertake a BSc degree in Community Specialist Practice (District Nursing) after which she successfully secured the role District Nurse Sister, managing a small team of community staff and a designated community caseload of clients, before gaining the role of District Nurse Team Leader, managing a large district nursing team leading to her current role of Practice development Lead

What do they do?

Sara’s day is very varied and her role encompasses many areas in service delivery, duties include working in clinical practice supporting staff clinical skills development, complaints and clinical investigations, classroom based teaching, staff recruitment including interviewing, and drafting service redesign proposals

What does their title of Queens Nurse mean?

The title of Queen’s Nurse (QN) recognises the individual’s commitment to improving standards of care, and to learning and leadership. The QN community links together nurses and midwives working in the community who are committed to high quality care for patients, who earn patients’ trust and respect and who are role models for colleagues. Successful applicants are linked both to the national Queen’s Nurse Network, and a regional group for local learning and development.

What makes her proud to be a Queens Nurse?

Sara is proud to be a QN because it’s something she has aspired to for many years & believes that the QN title is a really effective way to encourage good patient care and improvements to services

Where can I find out more?

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