Lucy - Business and Administration Apprentice

Who’s this?

Lucy has already completed a Customer Care Intermediate Apprenticeship at the University Hospital of South Manchester and has now progressed to an Advanced Apprenticeship in Business and Administration

How does it pay?

Lucy works 37.5 hours a week Monday to Friday and is paid the national apprenticeship rate for her age

What do they do?

Lucy is an administrator and some of her duties include creating bespoke business documents, entering data into the management system and is very much involved in the UHSM induction process and recruitment events

What else are they getting out of it?

Lucy is working towards an achievement of a level 3 Advanced Diploma in Business and Administration and feels that the hands on approach of an apprenticeship suits her learning style, and has already has gained lots of experience in many areas

How are they supported?

Lucy has lots of advice and guidance from the team that she works with and goes to college one day a week receiving valuable guidance form her assessor

What’s the best thing about it?

Lucy really enjoys working with the different people in her team and learning a wide variety of skills within her role, she particularly enjoys supporting careers events which enables her to give information in regards to her positive experience as an apprentice

Where are they going from here?

Lucy feels that the apprenticeship is a spring board for her career progression giving her the tools that she needs and is keeping her options open to a successful future with the NHS

Where can I find out more?

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