Chris - Dental Librarian

Who’s this?

Chris is a Dental Librarian working within a team at the University Dental Hospital of Manchester which forms part of the Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT)

What’s the story of their career to date?

Chris has an Autistic Spectrum condition and was attending the supported learning team at college, when he was given the opportunity to apply to attend the Supported Internship programme at MFT. The programme duration was for an academic year involving Chris working with a number of teams in the Trust. The programme enabled Chris to gain valuable work experience in areas such as administration work, patient facing customer service and reception duties. After completing the course Chris carried out a working interview and successfully gained his current position within the Dental Library

What do they do?

During the course of the day, Chris ensures that patient files are accessible in preparation of clinics taking place the following week, as well as carrying out episode enquiries to check the history of the patient and previous clinic visits, Chris also checks future appointments of patients attending the Dental Hospital, receiving regular emails and using the computer throughout the day to ensure patient records are available for over 100 patients a day that attend the clinics

What’s the best thing about their role?

Chris really enjoys working with all the staff within his team and feels that he works in a great environment and plays an important part in the team!

Has the NHS supported you in your career with the NHS?

Chris feels that the supported Internship programme was really beneficial to him, as it supported him in gaining employment within the NHS, building his confidence and gaining lots of experience, also by working really hard himself, this has got him to where he is today!

Where are they going from here?

Chris enjoys his current role and is looking forward to the future, hoping to take on more responsibility to enable him to progress further in his career

Where can I find out more?

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You can find out more about this role by visiting the Dental Librarian section of the Health Careers website. The site gives information about the role and responsibilities, pay and conditions as well as any qualifications that are required and what the relevant courses or entry requirements are.