Yvonne - Community Maternity Support Worker

Who’s this?

Yvonne is a Maternity Support Worker who assists midwives in caring for women and their babies throughout the vital stages of pregnancy, childbirth and the initial weeks after the birth, working as part of the Maternity Community Team at the Royal Oldham Hospital – Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

What’s the story of their career to date?

Upon leaving school Yvonne had several roles working within care homes and children’s nurseries, before successfully gaining a position as a maternity support worker, after seeing this advertised on the NHS job site, https://www.jobs.nhs.uk/ Yvonne began working in a rotational gaining experience in areas of antenatal and postnatal, also working within the theatre labour ward, before progressing on to her current role within the Community Maternity Team

What do they do?

Every day is different for Yvonne, travelling within the community working with midwives in the baby clinics. Yvonne takes blood samples, blood pressures and temperatures, documenting all of the observations for each patient. Yvonne also gives lots of information and advice to pregnant mothers, referring to specialist services when needed, under the supervision of a midwife. Yvonne examines and weighs babies at 10 days old, to ensure that they healthy, alert and active, arranging GP appointments if needed for further treatment, as well as ensuring leaflets and information packs are stocked up in the clinics. Yvonne also attends home visits, this may be to give breast feeding support to a mother or to assist the team in a home birth, as well as giving ‘parents to be’ tours around the maternity unit and birth centre at Royal Oldham Hospital

What’s the best thing about their role?

Yvonne feels that the best part of her role is the professional bond that she builds with the patients and knowing how much her team are appreciated for the great job that they do!

Where are they going from here?

Yvonne has completed lots of qualifications whilst employed in the NHS, supporting her in her role and extending her knowledge within the area that she works. In the future Yvonne may look into progressing onto a higher qualification to support her in her future career aspirations

How does a role like this pay?

Although they are a Community Maternity Support Worker now Yvonne started their career as a Maternity Support Woeker, this role typically starts at Band 2 on the Agenda for Change Pay Scale.

The National Careers Service have a section for Maternity Support Woeker where you can find out information about the average pay for the role as well as information about the job and its responsibilities.

Where can I find out more?

This profile has been created by the Greater Manchester NHS Careers Engagement Hub in partnership with Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust. If you have questions then feel free to contact us.

You can find out more about this role by visiting the Maternity Support Woeker section of the Health Careers website. The site gives information about the role and responsibilities, pay and conditions as well as any qualifications that are required and what the relevant courses or entry requirements are.