Lauren - Specialist Physiotherapist

Who’s this?

Lauren is a specialist paediatric physiotherapist working with children that range from premature babies up to the age of sixteen. Lauren is part of a physiotherapy team working with children recovering from a brain injury or that have had brain surgery. Lauren also works with children with long term neurodisability such as cerebral palsy and other similar conditions.

What’s the story of their career to date?

After her A-levels, Lauren decided to go to university to become a physiotherapist, achieving a Physiotherapy BSc. Degree. Lauren then began working as a physiotherapist within the NHS completing core rotations across adults and children. This gave her the opportunity to work in a number of areas such as surgery, intensive care, amputee rehabilitation and orthopaedics amongst others. She then successfully secured a role working solely with paediatrics gaining further experience in all areas of paediatric physiotherapy which has led to her current specialist role in the area of neuro rehabilitation.

What do they do?

Lauren’s working day can vary in many ways. Due to injury or illness her patients may be unable to move as they normally do or may have not learnt basic skills such as rolling, sitting and walking. Lauren may spend time to encourage a baby to roll or crawl; or use games and activities to help a younger child to learn to stand and walk again or create a more structured therapy program for someone who is older. Lauren really enjoys the challenge of making her treatment sessions fun whilst also ensuring they are effective in supporting the child to regain movement or achieve their maximum potential. Working within therapy rooms on the wards, Lauren uses lots of equipment that is available as well as a gym and a hydro therapy pool which is a fun way to treat her patients and interact fully with them. Lauren feels that her role is really rewarding as she has to really work to gain a child’s friendship and trust which pays off once she starts to see the positive results of the treatment she provides.

What’s the best thing about their role?

Lauren feels that the best part of her role is working with children and families and when she sees the end result of a child walking again after working hard with them over a long period of time

Where are they going from here?

Lauren is really happy working within her current role and is proud to work within such a great team of professionals that have so much diverse experience to share between them

How does a role like this pay?

The role of Specialist Physiotherapist normally starts at a Band 5 on the Agenda for Change Pay Scale.

The National Careers Service have a section for Specialist Physiotherapist where you can find out information about the average pay for the role as well as information about the job and its responsibilities.

Where can I find out more?

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You can find out more about this role by visiting the Specialist Physiotherapist section of the Health Careers website. The site gives information about the role and responsibilities, pay and conditions as well as any qualifications that are required and what the relevant courses or entry requirements are.