Richard - Support Worker

Who’s this?

Richard is a Support Worker, working within the City Care Partnerships (CCP) team. Richard supports people with learning disabilities and Autism to lead a full and active life. Richard supports peoples choices around activities and encourages and supports being active in the local community

What’s the story of their career to date?

Richard went to university to do a degree in social work, whilst he was working towards his degree he worked with adults with alcohol and drugs issues. Richard also worked in mental health working with people who had various types of mental health conditions. Currently he is working as a support worker at City Care Partnership supporting 6 people who share a Care Home

What do they do?

On a daily basis, Richard assists the people that he supports to get ready for the day ahead, which includes all aspects of personal care. He is also involved in cooking meals, administering medication, supporting people to shop and choose food. Richard has a responsibility to ensure information is recorded into daily logs, handover sheets, and appointment documents. Richard is responsible for checking health and safety standards and is currently the Lead in this area

What’s the best thing about their role?

Richard feels that the best part of his role is working with the people he supports on a day-to-day basis. He feels that he has worked really hard to form good working relations with the people he supports. Through those relationships there are less incidents and challenging behaviours which Richard feels is a real achievement, as the people he supports have gained better communication strategies through positive behaviour support and working with him

Where are they going from here?

Richard enjoys being a support worker and has had lots of training to support him in his role. Richard has been offered a promotion within the organisation but at this point he is happy within his current role

Richard is pleased to work in this role because…

Richard feels that he makes a difference in people lives, he’s part of a team that work well together and who genuinely care about the people they support as well as caring for each other

Where can I find out more?

This profile has been created by the Greater Manchester NHS Careers Engagement Hub in partnership with City Care Partnership. If you have questions then feel free to contact us.