Jan - Employment Officer

Who is this?

Jan is an employment officer working for a social enterprise, within her role Jan works in the community supporting people with a range of disabilities to break down the current barriers that they face in gaining employment

Whats the story of their career to date?

Jan has been an employment officer for over 20 years, before taking up her current role Jan worked with long term unemployed supporting them back into employment

What do they do?

Jan works with people who have a wide range of disabilities such as physical disabilities, learning disabilities and mental health problems. The current barriers that people with disabilities face when trying to gain employment include debt, housing, confidence and lack of skills, therefore Jan’s main aim is to actively encourage the people that she works with to engage in activities such as cookery classes, trips out and also voluntary work with the end goal to gain 16 hours employment where possible and further supporting them to stay in work. Jan’s role also involves her supporting people in completing application forms and in ensuring they are claiming the correct benefits to meet their needs

Whats the best thing about their role?

Jan has completed a lot of training within her role to enable her to carry out her role to the best of her ability and feels that the best thing about her role is working with people that initially have large barriers which are stopping them from interacting and gaining work and with the support from Jan and the Employment Team go on to gain work successfully

Where are they going from here?

Jan is really happy within her current role and is happy to continue supporting people within her role as she gets an incredible amount of job satisfaction from the work that she does

Where can I find out more?

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