Rachel - GP and Lead for Community Based Medical Education

Who's this?

Rachel is a General Practitioner (GP) and the Lead for Community Based Medical Education at The University of Manchester (UoM)

What’s the story of their career to date?

Rachel worked as a junior doctor in a variety of hospitals in the UK, and did a range of locums to gain experience. She then completed GP training in Manchester and spent a year working in Sydney, Australia. Rachel became interested in education and medical training whilst she was a medical student and started a peer led education project, she also created and launched MedSIN (Medical students international network - now Students for Global Health) https://studentsforglobalhealth.org/ Rachel continued teaching after she became a GP developing an interest in workplace learning. Rachel now works at the UoM to ensure medical students have excellent primary care placements as part of their training. Rachel says the flexibility she had early on in her career helped her to find the track she was most interested in pursuing. Being able to do a number of jobs around the country gave Rachel a diverse experience of different populations, practices and organisations

What do they do?

At the UoM Rachel attends meetings with students, staff and others involved in organising placements. As a GP she has two surgeries each day and then spends time doing patient related paperwork and home visits

What is the best part about their role?

Rachel enjoys working with brilliant teams of dedicated staff all striving really hard to improve healthcare for people. She likes the variety; each day is different depending on where she is working

Where are they going from here?

Rachel is happy to stay with her current portfolio career of education and General Practice

Where can I find out more?

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