Ryan - Deputy Logistics Manager for Sodexo

Who’s this?

Ryan is the Deputy Logistics Manager, who oversees and manages receipt and distribution, waste management, transport, window cleaning and porter services for the hospitals at Central Manchester Foundation Trust

What’s the story of their career to date?

Ryan began his career in retail before becoming a porter for the NHS in 2007. After successfully carrying out this role for some time Ryan then progressed to relief supervisor in this area, before being seconded for 18 months to the role of senior supervisor/junior manager which gave him a really good insight into management and supported him in his next role of deputy manager over the portering service. Ryan has since successfully progressed to his current role of Deputy Logistics Manager

What do they do?

Ryan’s role requires him to ensure that all areas are fully staffed, visiting each department to check on staffing and any incidents that may have taken place from the previous day actioning them as necessary, also meeting payroll budgets and logging payroll details to ensure the correct payments are made to staff. Ryan has to continuously identify issues across the service to make service improvements, regularly meeting with trust staff to ensure the Sodexo service is meeting the patient needs and satisfying the patient experience. Ryan is also responsible for investigating incidents that may require him to carry out investigations and action them according, therefore there is a lot of paperwork involved in Ryan’s day to day role as well as many emails and telephone calls. Ryan has a large number of key performance indicators that he must meet as well as managing and coaching his team in their own roles, in order for the service that his team provides to runs smoothly.

What’s the best thing about their role?

Ryan feels the best part of his role is the relationship he has with his team. He feels that they work exceptionally well with him and the professional relationships he has built with his team supports the excellent service Sodexo provides. Ryan has been supported in completing lots of courses and qualification in areas such as operational performance, waste management, ICT and management and won New Manager of the Year Award in 2014 after being nominated by Sodexo

Where are they going from here?

Ryan would like to explore different segments of the Sodexo business, branching out into more areas in order to progress further within his career, as well as gain further qualifications to the ones he has already achieved.

Where can I find out more?

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