Ellie - Apprentice Software Developer

Who's this?

Ellie is an Apprentice Software Developer in the Production and Modernisation team at Wrightington, Wigan & Leigh NHS Trust Foundation Trust (WWL)

What’s the story of their career to date?

Ellie left high school and decided college was not for her, however, she still wanted a qualification. She looked at lots of apprenticeships available on the www.gov.uk website and applied for the roles that were most relevant to her. She successfully applied to be a Level 3 Apprentice with WWL and then went on to study for a Level 4 which she has recently accomplished. Ellie is now a permanent member of staff at WWL and will continue her studies by doing the BSc Degree in Digital and Technology Solutions. As an apprentice at WWL Ellie was paid the minimum wage for her age, £5.60 per hour which is higher than the Apprenticeship wage of £3.50. As a permanent member of staff she has started at Band 5 on the pay scale, £22,128

What do they do?

Ellie undertakes a variety of different tasks in her role which includes developing quantities of front-end software for the internal systems. She deals with technical requirements, supports the senior developers and resolves failed patient details in the internal systems. She is proud of the role as the development she does reflects on patient care

What is the best part about their role?

Ellie enjoys being an apprentice, especially working in the production and modernisation team, the team is made up of many exceptionally smart team members who all have different roles. She relishes the fact that she can interchange between each of the roles and acquire something from each team member to support her future career

Where are they going from here?

Ellie is pleased with her apprenticeship and would like to continue with her career in the NHS. After completing the degree she would like to progress to work in a more senior role, if there is a suitable position available at the time

Where can I find out more?

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