Martin - Compliance Information Officer

Who’s this?

Martin is a Compliance Information Officer working within the Compliance Team at Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust

What’s the story of their career to date?

Martin worked for a number of different companies before beginning his career in the NHS. Since joining the NHS, Martin has worked in a variety of different roles including a Children’s Weight Management Administrator, a Training and Development Co-ordinator, an Operations Centre Administrator and a Risk and Incident Administrator

What do they do?

Martin really enjoys his current role. He finds it really diverse and challenging, as every day is different. Martin’s duties include resolving telephone enquiries regarding compliance or e-learning issues, checking and inputting Inter Authority Transfers (IAT’s) and running reports and pivot tables regarding mandatory training compliance

What is the best part about their role?

Martin feels that the best part of his current role is supporting employees to resolve work-related issues. Pennine Care has over five thousand employees, so Martin’s role can be challenging. However, he feels that it is very rewarding when employees appreciate the work he does to resolve issues

Where are they going from here?

Martin really appreciates the training that the NHS has offered to enable him to improve his skills and develop. He has recently been offered the opportunity to complete a Level 6 Chartered Management Apprenticeship, which he is due to start in February 2018. The course will take between three and four years to complete and will enable Martin to further develop his skills. He feels that completing this qualification will give him a solid foundation for the next step in his career, which is to progress into management.

Where can I find out more?

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