Jayne - Facilities Coordinator

Who's this?

Jayne’s career with the NHS has spanned over 32 years. In this time Jayne has gained lots of experience and is currently a Facilities Coordinator working in the Facilities Team at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust (SRFT)

What’s the story of their career to date?

Jayne began her career with the NHS working as a receptionist, progressing to a supervisor position where she gained lots of confidence . Jayne then moved into a role in the Clinical Auditing department where she gained lots of experience in the area of IT. After a year, Jayne was successful in her application of Patient Transport Co-ordinator. In this role; Jayne monitored the ambulance journeys going to SRFT and challenged any inappropriate bookings, through this role Jayne gained knowledge and contacts of the wide range of healthcare professionals in the NHS. After this, Jayne progressed into the role of Environment Coordinator; her role was to predominantly support the Estates Department with the numerous smaller repairs that needed to be done around the Trust. Jayne did this by visiting wards and departments completing a report to enable the minor repairs across the Site to be actioned and completed, in line with National Standards and Infection Control Guidelines.

What do they do?

Now working in her current role of Facilities Coordinator Jayne’s role is quite varied, supporting the Management Team with a variety of duties including; overseeing Patient Transport eligibility criteria and also attending a working ambulance group. Jayne is responsible for booking meetings and minute taking for the Facilities department, as well as being involved in patient-led assessments of the care environment and International Standards Organisation (ISO) accreditation, ensuring the needs of the patients are met in line with statutory and regulatory requirements.

What is the best part about their role?

Jayne feels that the best part of her role is the variety of different projects she has become involved with, the Facilities Team that she works with and the people she meets along the way. Jayne is really proud to be part of an organisation which provides such excellent standards for patients.

Where can I find out more?

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