Limeng - Senior Volunteer Chair

Who’s this?

Lee was a GCSE student when he initially decided to volunteer with the NHS; he did this to support his UCAS application for university and also to see if healthcare, medical and service sector were for him; Volunteering with the NHS was the perfect way to do this

What’s the story of their volunteer journey to date?

As a volunteer, Lee began as a way finder, meeting and greeting hospital visitors; he then progressed to a Critical Care volunteer and started volunteering with A&E after this. Lee was offered the role of Senior Volunteer, and has since become chairman of senior volunteers

What do they do?

As senior volunteer, Lee takes a proactive role in engaging and mentoring new volunteers to help familiarise them with the hospital and support them in their new role. Lee is also currently working on a project to enhance volunteer work, this includes working on a current upgrade to the iPad electronic directory, which is a system volunteers use to quickly search for locations in the hospital to help patients. As Chair, Lee also chairs monthly senior volunteer meetings, discussing feedback from volunteers, new projects and any issues or ideas to enhance the volunteer service

How has a volunteering supported them and where are they going from here?

Lee feels that volunteering has opened so many doors to him at such a young age, he has learnt so much about the NHS and gained from this opportunity. Lee began volunteering at the age of 16 and had gained experience in Critical care, A&E and his senior volunteer role by the age of 17. He feels that his experience gained to date were invaluable in confirming that a career in healthcare was right for him and is about to begin studying medicine at Cambridge University. Lee would recommend volunteering in the NHS to anyone who wants to develop their skillset, enhance their CV and future applications, gain valuable life skills and as importantly decide upon their future career aspirations

Where can I find out more?

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