Barbara - Assistant Manager

Who’s this?

Barbara is an assistant manager and her main role is to prevent unplanned hospital admissions of their vulnerable patients who are deemed to be at risk of admission because of their health problems, Barbara works closely with doctors and the team at Langworthy Medical Practice

What’s the story of their career to date?

Upon leaving school, Barbara decided she wanted to become a nurse. During her second year as a student nurse, Barbara decided that in fact she would be more suited as a residential social worker, thoroughly enjoying this role for a number of years. Due to family commitments Barbara decided to change her career path and became a Doctors surgery receptionist as the hours of this role enabled her to have a work life balance whilst her children were growing up. Barbara has since gained promotion within the surgery initially becoming the receptionist supervisor, as well as a Personal Assistant to a Doctor, before successfully gaining her current role, being closely involved with the coordination of patients

What do they do?

Barbara talks to patients on a daily basis identifying ways of supporting them in their homes to minimise the risk of hospital admissions and ensure they are cared for. This involves Barbara imputing data onto a large data base and reading lots of patient information in order to actively improve patient safety. As part of her role Barbara also attends Multi-Disciplinary Group meetings, working with a GP to prepare the paperwork for the meeting. This group consists of social workers, mental health teams, Elderly Care Consultants, GPs and the Health Improvement Team who all discuss patients that are repeat attenders at A&E and changes that can be made to reduce this

What’s the best thing about their role?

Barbara feels that the best thing about their role is the patients and is proud to work in this role because the care coordination that she does so efficiently, helps patients on a daily basis

Where are they going from here?

Barbara has really enjoyed her career to date and happy in her present role in the NHS, having attended lots of training courses in areas such as conflict management and an access managerial degree that were supported by the NHS

Where can I find out more?

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