Amy - Charities Coordinator and Personal Assistant

Who’s this?

Amy is the Charities Co-ordinator and Personal Assistant to the Head of Charities for the Trusts charity team at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

What’s the story of their career to date?

After completing her A-levels, Amy decided that she did not want to go onto university and worked in a number of roles until she gained a level 2 apprenticeship position with the NHS in Business and Administration. Amy then went on to complete a level 3 apprenticeship in the same area before securing a permanent position in a secretarial role with the NHS. Two years ago, Amy was successful in securing her current role at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

What do they do?

Amy’s role involves her taking telephone calls from fundraisers, businesses, donors and staff within the Trust. As part of her role, Amy also orders all the resources that are needed for the office and fundraising. Amy has to manage the budget in regards to the stock that she orders to ensure that she does not exceed the budget that has been set. Amy also supports with fundraising events in regards to the organising and coordination of it, as well as managing the charity email inbox on a daily basis. Amy’s PA role involves her managing the Head of Charities’ diary, arranging meetings, minute taking and any other duties that may be asked of her, including supporting and attending charity events where needed

What’s the best thing about their role?

Amy enjoys interacting with the public the most, knowing that the money raised by the charity, benefits families that she engages with as part of her role. Since completing her apprenticeship, Amy has completed lots of training courses and feels that she has been supported massively by her team at the NHS

Where are they going from here?

Amy would like to hopefully start managing people, possibly within an office environment if an opportunity arose for her to do this, to enable her to further her career within the NHS

Where can I find out more?

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