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Opportunities to learn and work with the NHS

There are lots of opportunities for learners to get involved with the NHS and this can benefit them a lot when it comes to getting a job in healthcare, applying for courses or finding out whether its the right career for them. Below are a few opportunities you might like to promote to your learners.

If you run programmes or have other opportunities for learners to get involved in healthcare roles then we'd love to hear about them, visit contact section to find out how you can get in touch with us and possibly list them on the site.

Volunteering in the NHS

Volunteering in the NHS is great way to get first hand experience of working in healthcare and show your commitment to your local community. Volunteering gives you the opportunity to learn insights into how the NHS works as well as make contacts at the trust you work with which can help with job applications in the future. Its also a very rewarding thing to do in your spare time and can look good on your CV when applying for jobs in any sector.

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Appenticeships in the NHS

Apprenticeships are becoming one of the key ways to study and develop your skills whilst working in the NHS and getting paid. There are apprenticeship roles being developed at trusts throughout the region and in many different roles and specialities. An apprenticeship could be a great place to start your career and education in the NHS.

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Becoming a Foundation Trust Member

Becoming a member of your local Foundation Trust will give you the opportunity to learn more about the organisation as well as having a say in the way they do things. Many trusts have specific projects and meetings aimed at younger members and some even have Youth Governors, a position you might want to apply for in the future.

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NHS Graduate Training Scheme

Joining the NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme puts you on the road to developing the skills and confidence you need to lead our organisation through its transformation into an ever more efficient, successful and professional health care service. It’s a multi-award winning Scheme, where you'll enjoy mentoring, support and first class training from some of the most brilliant minds in and outside the NHS. You’ll experience some truly life defining moments. You’ll influence decisions that improve the lives of millions of people. And, after two years (or two and a half if you opt for finance), you'll be ready to take your career further than you thought possible.

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Young Persons Advisory Group

Young Persons Advisory Group (YPAG) for the NIHR Manchester Clinical Research Facility will be the place where healthcare researchers and young adults can meet, share ideas and work together on developing new medications and treatments. Healthcare researchers can bring their ideas to YPAG for critical appraisal from young adults aged 11-24. Hear the thoughts and the insights of young adults on their research activities and how they can be made more accessible for young people. Young adults can equally bring their fresh perspectives and ideas to the group on healthcare and on improving access to research for all age groups and particularly young people. YPAG is for 11-24 year-olds with activities targeted at both pre-teens and the post-teenage contributors. No experience of healthcare or healthcare research is necessary, anyone can get involved. Just an interest and curiosity about what happens in healthcare research and how it can be made more accessible for young adults.

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