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Links, documents and information to help learners plan their career

There are a host of web sites and directories available for you to find out more about the job roles available in the NHS as well as tools and resources to support you in talking to the learners you support about the options available to them, the benefits and how to achieve their goals. Here are a few we think might interest you as an education and training professional.

If you have resources that you think it would be worth us listing here then we'd love to hear about them, visit our contact section to find out how you can get in touch with us.

Greater Manchester NHS Job Vacancies

One of the most important parts of your career journey is applying for a job. In the vacancies section you'll find a selection of current vacancies which our partners are currently recruiting for. This isn't the full list of what's available but it will give you a flavor of some of the opportunities in Greater Manchester.

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NHS Jobs

If you are looking for a job right now then NHS Jobs is the best place to look. NHS Jobs is a dedicated online recruitment service for the NHS. Every NHS organisation within England and Wales advertises their job opportunities with NHS Jobs. In addition a number of organisations outside the NHS have chosen to advertise their health related vacancies on NHS Jobs too. Around 25,000 posts are advertised on this website every month. If you're looking to begin or develop your career in the NHS, this site should be your first port of call.

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NHS Jobs email notifications (application guide)

Are you finding vacancies too late to apply? This short guide will show you how to set up email notifications on the NHS Jobs site. You can set the criteria of common job searches you make and the site will keep you informed of new vacancies as soon as they are listed.

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Writing good supporting information (application guide)

This short guide gives tips on how to complete the 'supporting information' section of an application for a job in the NHS. This section of the form is one of the most important when applying for a job and this guide will give you some insight into how to plan and structure your statement to sell yourself to employers.

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