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Links, documents and information to help learners plan their career

There are a host of web sites and directories available for you to find out more about the job roles available in the NHS as well as tools and resources to support you in talking to the learners you support about the options available to them, the benefits and how to achieve their goals. Here are a few we think might interest you as an education and training professional.

If you have resources that you think it would be worth us listing here then we'd love to hear about them, visit our contact section to find out how you can get in touch with us.

Course Finder

Many jobs in the NHS require specific qualifications before you can apply. This handy tool developed by Health Careers lets you search for courses and training providers and could help when starting your career journey.

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'Find your health career' online tool

The Health Careers new ‘Find your health career’ tool is interactive and allows you to answer a series of questions which offers a list of career ideas for you to consider.

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Heath Careers - Patient Journey

Developed by Health Education England in the North East, ‘A patient journey’ is a toolkit that can be used across the curriculum at key stages three and four. By exploring the range of NHS roles that help patients in their care, the easy-to-use toolkit provides teachers with everything they need to deliver informative lessons with confidence. Accompanying the resources are 18 films, each exploring a different role in health.

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Social Care: A rewarding career

This interactive PDF will help you explore the different roles you can do in adult social care, and the values, skills and qualifications you need. It shows how other people have progressed in their career, and explains how you can work your way up in a sector with lots of opportunities.

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Workforce Infographic

This infographic produced by NHS Employers gives some great introductory statistics to the current makeup of the NHS workforce. It's a useful introduction to the composition NHS staffing and how things have changed over recent years. This could help you prepare for a presentation or talk with learners about opportunities to work for us.

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