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Links, documents and information to help learners plan their career

There are a host of web sites and directories available for you to find out more about the job roles available in the NHS as well as tools and resources to support you in talking to the learners you support about the options available to them, the benefits and how to achieve their goals. Here are a few we think might interest you as an education and training professional.

If you have resources that you think it would be worth us listing here then we'd love to hear about them, visit our contact section to find out how you can get in touch with us.

Careers Hub Role Profiles

The Careers Hub team have worked closely with our partners to create lots of profiles of current members of NHS staff. The profiles will tell you about the role they perform, what they get paid and what their career journey has been so far. You can also download the profiles to print and some contain links to video interviews. These are great tools to take along to careers events and showcase the variety of jobs available in the NHS.

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Health Careers Video Library

The team at Health Careers have produced a whole host of videos showcasing a wide variety of roles in the NHS. These are great for breaking up presentations and helping learners to identify with the roles available.

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Health Careers Website

The Health Careers Website provides a great resource for anyone thinking about a career in healthcare. They have descriptions of 100s of different types of jobs in the NHS as well as information on how to train or progress into those roles. This is great place to find out about the options available and what is required. As well as role descriptions the site has career planning sections and personal stories and accounts from NHS staff. For those who want to find out about what they could do in the future or learn more about what they need to achieve their goals this a fantastic starting point.

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Video Role Profiles

The Careers Hub have worked in partnership with local schools and our partner organisations to create video interviews of NHS staff from around Greater Manchester. The link below will take you to a list of the profiles we have that have videos attached to them, most of which were produced by local school students.

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