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Links, documents and information to help learners plan their career

There are a host of web sites and directories available for you to find out more about the job roles available in the NHS as well as tools and resources to support you in talking to the learners you support about the options available to them, the benefits and how to achieve their goals. Here are a few we think might interest you as an education and training professional.

If you have resources that you think it would be worth us listing here then we'd love to hear about them, visit our contact section to find out how you can get in touch with us.

Fortune Teller

A great little resource that encourages interaction between a group whilst also carrying out a practical activity, helping you to promote NHS job roles as well as the Step into the NHS website. The paper fortune teller predicts your future health career and is part of a campaign toolkit to promote the Step into the NHS website to young people

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Heath Careers - Patient Journey

Developed by Health Education England in the North East, ‘A patient journey’ is a toolkit that can be used across the curriculum at key stages three and four. By exploring the range of NHS roles that help patients in their care, the easy-to-use toolkit provides teachers with everything they need to deliver informative lessons with confidence. Accompanying the resources are 18 films, each exploring a different role in health.

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Ice Breaker Ideas

This is a link to some ideas for 'ice breaker' activities on the Health Careers website. Ice breakers are really beneficial to energise, motivate and encourage young people to work together; they often work well at the start of presentations. Some of the ideas given are suitable for sitting, whilst others are table-top activities and there are also some more energetic ones for moving around.

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M.D.T. Role Play Scenario

This activity aims to give learners insight into the concept of Multi-disciplinary Teams which are a key feature in how modern healthcare is delivered. Learners take each take on a different role and are challenged to come up with a safe discharge plan for a fictional patient. The downloadable PDF below provides the paper resources for groups of 5 learners to use and the presentation on the further information link helps to introduce and present the activity. Get in touch with the Careers Hub team to discuss how to run the activity.

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Step into the NHS - short videos

There are a number of short videos available, approximately 1-2 minutes long connected to job roles within the NHS, covering diversity, caring, apprenticeships and much more. Great to use during a presentation to break up the power point and keep the audience engaged.

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Step into the NHS Quiz

This short quiz will ask learners about some of the types of things they might want to do in the future and what kind of job role they might be interested in. After completing the quiz the site will give a number of suggested NHS roles with links to further information about them. It's a great place to start when looking for a career in the NHS.

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Who am I? - Match Card Activity

This simple activity works well in a classroom setting. Learners are given a picture of an NHS staff member and have to match them to their job title and duties. The activity takes about half an hour and can be done on its own or as part of a longer presentation or workshop. All the information and materials are included in the PDF which you can download below.

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