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An apprenticeship in the NHS isn’t like going to college or University, apprentices have a real job in a real place – and get paid for it! They will have responsibilities working as part of a team in a great organisation while developing their skills.

The responsibilities they have whilst you’re learning on the job means they will develop skills very quickly whilst being supported by their manager and assessors.

Apprenticeships provide routes into a variety of careers in the NHS and are an excellent opportunity to earn, gain work experience and achieve nationally recognised qualifications at the same time, with many different areas of work to consider.

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Get paid

While studying an apprenticeship learners will be earning a wage, rates vary between trusts.

Gain qualifications

Apprenticeships are always linked to accredited qualifications such as a Btec.

Chance of permanent position

Some employers will guarantee a paid position upon successful completion of an apprenticeship, others may offer interviews for positions. Apprentices will also make connections in the organisation who may be recruiting for full posts in the near future.

Attractive to employers

A candidate who has already worked in a department or organisation and undertaken practical elements of a role can be attractive to recruiting manager who want someone with experience.

Learning Support

Some apprenticeships allow block release to a training centre or college, working towards knowledge qualifications and developing skills in Maths and English if required.

How to apply

Vacancies for apprenticeships with NHS trusts are normally listed on the NHS Jobs Website. When searching it's normally a good idea to enter the word 'Apprentice' or 'Apprenticeship' in the Job Title bar.

Visit the NHS Jobs Site

Applying for a job in the NHS is a little different to a lot of other applications, it can be useful to know a little about how the system works. If you are new to using the NHS Jobs site then this handy guide might be useful to explain a little about how the site works.

Find out about using NHS Jobs

Some NHS organisations may list their vacancies through training providers or through other means, particularly organisations working in primary care such as GP surgeries. You can find more information about the primary care sector by visiting this section of our website.

Apprenticeships Near You

The number of apprenticeships available in the NHS in Greater Manchester is growing by the day and we have a directory of information relating to our partner organisations and how they support apprentices. The link below will show you a list of local organisations in order of how close they are to your organisation.

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