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Opportunities to inspire learners and promote your role

Colleagues like yourself are often the best placed to inspire learners and give them insight into the different career options in the NHS. Below is a list of ways that you can get involved with supporting young people's career aspirations.

If you are already involved in these types of activities we'd love to hear about how you engage with learners and whether there is any way the Careers Hub can support or learn from you. Please head over to our contact section if you'd like to get in touch.

Become an NHS Careers Ambassador

We work closely with a growing group of Health Ambassadors from across the region to provide outreach and engagement opportunities to schools and give young learners access to NHS professionals who can showcase the careers available in the NHS. If you are proud of your job and want to inspire the workforce of tomorrow then we'd like to hear from you.

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Host volunteers in your department

Volunteering provides learners with an opportunity to get first hand experience of working in a healthcare environment as well as making a contribution to their local community and learning about recruitment procedures and work routines. As well as this volunteers can be an invaluable resource to your team or department; they enable you to enhance the services your provide and improve the experiences of patients, visitors and staff.

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Employ an Apprentice

Apprenticeships are becoming one of the key ways to study and develop your skills whilst working in the NHS and getting paid. There are apprenticeship roles being developed at trusts throughout the region and in many different roles and specialities. An apprenticeship could be a great place to start your career and education in the NHS.

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Be in a role profile

The Career Hub have created a large directory of role profiles of staff throughout Greater Manchester. These profiles help us to highlight the variety of roles available in the NHS in a more personal an relate-able way for learners. If you'd be interested in completing a profile then contact the hub by clicking on the 'About' link above, you can also look at some examples of the profiles we've done so far by clicking the link below.

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Career Ready Mentoring

Would you like to help transform a young person through mentoring? Career Ready works with young people age 16-19 in full-time study to enhance their employability skills and get them thinking about different career paths. Mentors support students in their journey and to become more confident by helping them: reflect on recent or upcoming employer-led activities, give them tips on business culture and workplace etiquette, practise skills from time management to problem solving or interview techniques and widen their network of contacts and help them learn how to connect.

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Career Insight Days

An Insight Day is an opportunity for groups of students from schools local to your trust to visit your site and learn about specific roles in the NHS. Rather than a careers fair the focus of insight days is on interactivity with a focus on particular departments or staff groups. Learners rotate through a series of workshops and learn from a number of professionals. The Careers Hub team will organise and facilitate the event for you so if you and your colleagues would like to host an event just contact us. Below is a link to the case study from the first event to give you an idea of how things work.

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Unsung Hero Award

The Unsung Hero Awards is the only national award exclusively for Non-Clinical NHS and Healthcare Professionals. The Unsung Hero Awards was created to recognise the incredible work done by non-clinical NHS Professionals who go above and beyond the call of duty. They are a fantastic opportunity to get your NHS Trust on the Map for having the most amazing employees who work their socks off. Last year we held our awards ceremony at the Place Aparthotel in Manchester and had a memorable evening with afternoon tea, live music from a string quartet and guest speakers including Roy Lilley and Enid Dunn. We want this year to be our biggest yet and in order to do that we need your help. We want you to get every non-clinical department in your Trust to nominate at least 2 people each. We are more than happy to come and visit your Trust and tell people more about what the awards are about, please follow the link below for contact information.

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