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Links, documents and information to help you engage with learners

Engaging with young people around careers can be a fulfilling and enjoyable activity, but can also be daunting if you've not done it before. Below are a number of resources we think you might find useful when undertaking engagement which might give you some ideas or useful formats for the work you're doing

If you have your own resources or documents that you think might be useful for us to include we'd love to hear about it, visit our contact section to find out how you can get in touch with us.

Step into the NHS - short videos

There are a number of short videos available, approximately 1-2 minutes long connected to job roles within the NHS, covering diversity, caring, apprenticeships and much more. Great to use during a presentation to break up the power point and keep the audience engaged.

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Who am I? - Match Card Activity

This simple activity works well in a classroom setting. Learners are given a picture of an NHS staff member and have to match them to their job title and duties. The activity takes about half an hour and can be done on its own or as part of a longer presentation or workshop. All the information and materials are included in the PDF which you can download below.

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