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Do you have what it takes to inspire young minds?

The NHS constantly needs to attract people with the right skills and values to fill the many vacancies and roles it supports. In order to do this we need to help people making career choices and job decisions to understand what working in healthcare is really like and the opportunities available in the NHS.

Talking honestly and enthusiastically about your job role can make a real difference for those thinking about working for the NHS. This page will give you a brief outline of the role of an NHS Careers Ambassador and hopefully help you to decide whether it’s a role you would like to take on.

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What does it involve?

Showing your passion

NHS Careers Ambassadors act as a role model to young people, offering them the chance to find out as much as possible about jobs and professions in the NHS and particularly the role that they play in providing excellent patient care.

Careers fairs

Visitng schools to give advice and information to students who are keen to learn more about a career with the NHS and the important role you play

Workshops and interactive sessions

Where you can demonstrate elements of your role and show learners how you work

Talks and presentations

To groups of learners to give insight into your role within the NHS

Informal talks and discussions

Talking to students one to one and giving them advice and insight while they ask you questions

A paramedic using a doll to demonstrate how to insert an airway in a patient

Is this just for clinical staff?

Definitely not! A key aim of this initiative is to spread the word about all of the roles and career paths in the NHS. Although it’s important that clinical staff are represented, it’s also crucial that Ambassadors are able to show learners that the NHS is a great place to work whatever your skills and abilities and that we’d like to attract the best staff in all the professions we employ.

What are the benefits?

A rewarding experience

Working with young people is often very rewarding and having a positive influence on their lives can also give you a feeling of great satisfaction.

Supports your personal development

By undertaking this role you could learn new skills and show an added commitment to your Trust and local community; these types of activities can boost your confidence and are often looked on favourably by employers.

Benefits your Trust

Staff talking to learners face to face is often the best possible advertisement for the NHS, supporting the creation of the workforce of tomorrow and finding the right workers to meet the growing demand in all of our departments and job roles.

We recognise that different Ambassadors will have different skill sets and expertise and you can chose which types of events and activities you’d like to participate in.

How does it relate to my job?

Voluntary Activity

The Ambassador role is primarily a voluntary activity and not seen as a part of your substantive role with the Trust. If you would like to take part in an event or activity then you will need to discuss this with your line manager before committing to take part. In some instances there may be capacity within your team to allow you to participate during working hours, but this is left to the discretion of your line manager and participation is not guaranteed. Another option would be for your manager to arrange for you to be off-duty during the specified time.

Representing your trust

Although the role is voluntary in nature you are representing the Trust when undertaking ambassadorial duties and should act in accordance with its values and behavioural policies. Any disputes relating to incidents which occur while you are undertaking the role of Ambassador will be dealt with by the Trust through your line manager.

What support will I receive?

Event Notifications

The hub works closely with appointed leads from our partner Trusts who support Careers Ambassadors. Once you've signed up, we will keep your lead updated of events and other opportunities for you to participate locally.

Attending events together

The Hub team are also happy to accompany new Ambassadors to events that they sign up for, where possible, in order to support and build confidence. We can also bring along general information and publications which often complement the more role specific information and activities that you can provide.

Training and resources

The Careers Hub are developing a bank of tools and resources to help you plan your activities. The Hub team can also provide training workshops to bring Ambassadors together and share ideas and tips on how best to engage with young people around careers. If you would like to attend a workshop then let your assigned lead know.

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How do I sign up?

You'll need to inform the lead from your trust that you are interested, they'll then be able to take some details from you and keep you on their list of willing ambassadors.

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