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Links, documents and information to help you plan your career

Below is a list of the resources, documents and links to websites and organisations which can help you find out about roles in the NHS and plan your career path.

If you need more specific advice or information or can't find what you were looking for then visit our contact section to find out how you can get in touch with us and hopefully we can look into it for you. Remember to check out our getting started guide if you're new to the site.

Getting Started Guide

This page will give you a brief introduction to jobs in the NHS, how to find opportunities and how to start planning for your career. This is a great place to start if you've never considered a job in the NHS before. You'll find guidance on how to explore your options for education and training as well as links to sites where you can look at current vacancies and apply for jobs.

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Greater Manchester NHS Apprenticeship Guide

This guide will give an introduction to apprenticeships in the NHS and how to apply for them. It also introduces a number of our partner organisations who host apprentices across the region, what they have to offer in terms of apprenticeship roles and what support is provided fro new apprentices. This is great way to find out about the opportunities in Greater Manchester with a variety of organisations.

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NHS Jobs email notifications (application guide)

Are you finding vacancies too late to apply? This short guide will show you how to set up email notifications on the NHS Jobs site. You can set the criteria of common job searches you make and the site will keep you informed of new vacancies as soon as they are listed.

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NHS Values for healthcare e-tool

Try the NHS ‘Values for healthcare’ challenge e-tool which has been developed for anyone who is thinking of applying for a support role [Bands 1-4] in the NHS in order that they can assess how well their values match the 6 NHS Constitution Values. The e-tool which also aims to raise awareness of Bands 1-4 roles can be accessed by a computer, tablet and mobile. Any one of the 4 support worker job roles featured in the Values for healthcare challenge can be chosen even if it doesn’t match the type of job role you are aiming for or thinking about. Find out whether you have what it takes to work in the NHS by going to http://nhsvaluestool.e-lfh.org.uk . On completion, you will receive your results and feedback by email which you can then download. It is up to you whether you share your results with anyone. The link to ‘Values for healthcare’ is also available on NHS Jobs.

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Occupational Therapy (OT) Resources

This is a great set of resources from the College of Occupational Therapists. Find a downloadable OT careers Handbook containing a full listing of OT university programmes in the UK, as well as a FAQ guide and a link to an OT students section to find out about their experiences whilst studying at a range of different universities. There is also a YouTube link that follows a day in the life of Bethan, an OT student at Brunel University.

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Occupational Therapy as a Career

The College of Occupational Therapists' website has lots of information and resources to help you find out more about being an OT. There are a variety of short videos to watch, a handy careers book to download and case studies from actual OT students giving you a really good insight into the role. There's also a useful FAQ guide with tips on how to apply for courses in occupational therapy.

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Think Care Careers

This interactive website tells you everything you need to know about working in adult social care. It includes links to the different job roles you could do, how can you find a job and how to develop your career. It also has lots of case studies so you can see how other people started and progressed in their career.

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Using NHS Jobs Website short guide

This guide contains a few useful tips to help support you when searching for vacancies on the NHS Job site, enabling you to use this site to the best of your advantage. Step by step guide to enable you to register on the site and create an account, as well as an overview of the functions available on this site to support you when searching for current vacancies

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Writing good supporting information (application guide)

This short guide gives tips on how to complete the 'supporting information' section of an application for a job in the NHS. This section of the form is one of the most important when applying for a job and this guide will give you some insight into how to plan and structure your statement to sell yourself to employers.

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