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For Learners

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Work for us

Information and guidance for:

  • Students

  • People looking for work

  • Anyone thinking of a career in the NHS

If you are interested in pursuing a career in the NHS and live in or around the Greater Manchester area this section of our website has a wealth of information on the opportunities available to train and learn in the region. It also has links to our the NHS Trusts we work with and other partners who have resources and tools you might find useful in your path to your new career.

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For Professionals

Picture of a teacher to represent a professional

Help us connect

Information and guidance for:

  • Teachers & trainers

  • Careers Advisors

  • CEAIG Professionals

The hub is a great place to start if you work in an education & training role and help learners to make career choices. We have a host of resources designed to support you to highlight roles and career choices to learners. We've also got information about careers events and guidance on how to connect with NHS Staff for events that you might be coordinating.

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For NHS Staff

Picture of a nurse in uniform to represent NHS Staff

Inspire others

Information and guidance for:

  • NHS Career Ambassadors

  • Workforce and Recruitment Leads

  • Anyone wanting to inspire

We are keen to develop links to NHS Staff and Teams in the Greater Manchester area who are interested in helping to develop the NHS workforce of the future. In this section you'll find information on projects that you might like to support such as becoming a Health Ambassador as well as useful tools and resources for you to showcase your career to potential candidates.

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